Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Actions

So along with a list of goals, I perhaps, maybe need some actions behind the goals in order to reach think?

So this is basically my To Do list for January! Hopefully I can not only complete them all but get even more done as well! I am really excited to see where 2012 will lead! I hope you are too!

1.) Log all my NO SPEND days

2.) Work on monetizing both my blogs, this one and Simply Homeschooled

3.) Write at least 4 posts a week on each blog ( I have really slipped on Simply Homeschooled!)

4.) Write at least 10 articles for Associated Content

5.) Get health exam done

6.) Find out what medical insurance options may be available we may be able to afford

7.) Design new Stay Healthy Plan and incorporate it

8.) Invest $100 using automatic investing on Sharebuilder

9.) Clean and Organize home

10.) Work out a time commitment schedule that keeps work at home, homeschooling activities, housecleaning, paperwork, cooking, homeschool group organizing, family fun and TV watching all as BALANCED as possible!

11.) Work on building up food storage

12.) Research money making ideas

13.) Go through and tag items in house to be sold and organize them

14.) Spend LESS than what is earned this month

15.) Log all  expenses!

16.) Look on / EBay, Craigslist and other places to check out local property for sale

17.) Keep slips from all returnable cans, do not cash them it but keep in safe place to add up throughout the entire year! THEN CASH THEM

18.) Cancel Gamefly Subscription and put Netflix on hold for a month

19.) Open Zazzle store

20.) Develop Cottage Industry Idea

21.) Keep on track for my No Spend/Low Spend Challenge and make posts about it!