Saturday, December 31, 2011

January Grocery List =$136

Well January is suppose to be my Low/No Spend Challenge and I must be a creature of habit because I totally forgot the challenge when I went shopping and went about it the same way I have shopped for 30 some years! So it will be about a week before I can pull off the NO FRIDGE challenge as I bought things that MUST be in the Fridge! I also bought a box of donuts when my 10 year old daughter gave me puppy dog eyes which broke my rule to not buy anything I can make at HOME from SCRATCH! While my budget is trying to stay at the $155 a month for a family of five for groceries, including paper, personal and pet products it looks like it will be more around the same $215 -$230 I spent in December which in itself I think is pretty bloody fantastic! (Note however I would like to try to switch to a healthier eating program but sometimes with healthier costing more is not easy to do)

I did see a bag of actual WHOLE WHEAT while we were there , 25 pound bag for $14 so next time I go I will pick one up as you can crack the wheat and make hot cereal from it and all sorts of healthy things!

My Pantry was left with a 3/4 container of oatmeal,  3/4 jar of molasses, 4 hotdogs, enough frozen broccoli for one stir fry, a can of green beans, 1/2 jar of peanut butter, at least 10 lbs of rice and 6 lbs of pinto beans and about 2 lbs of flour left. We also had one can Spaghetti sauce left.

So today this is what we got for a total of $136

January Grocery List = $136

2 bunches of bananas   .52 lb    $2.20
bag of fresh broccoli                 $1.98
Whole fresh Carrots                 $1.98
bag of pears (9 pears)               $4.97
bag of oranges                          $2.98
3 bags fresh cranberries            $3.00    (on sale for a $1 a bag)
3# bag yellow onions               $1.88
10lb potatos                             $2.68

large tin of raisins                     $2.98

2 boxes 12pack Ramen            $2.28 a box
Ranch Dressing                        $1.66
Ketchup                                    $1
Miracle Whip  (large)              $5.18
Generic Grape Jelly                 $1.72
2lb 8oz Peanut Butter             $5.24

Baking Powder                        $1.28
Baking Soda                                 .64
Iodized Salt                              $  .34
Shortening                               $3.48
Garlic Salt                                    .50
Dried Onion Flakes                     .50
25 lbs Sugar                            $14.12
powdered sugar                       $1.68
25 lbs Flour                             $  9.48
Generic Coffee                         $5.28

Package smoked sausage       $3.98
2 bags boneless skinless Chicken breasts  $6.98 a bag
sausage links                         $2.98
saurkraut                               $1.88
liverwurst                              $2.28

2 gallons 2% milk                 $2.50 a gallon
3 lbs margerine                     $ .69 a box
2 8oz cream cheese              $1.98 a piece
2 8oz mild cheddar cheese     $2.38 a piece
2 pkg Bagels                          $1.54 a piece
2 loaves bread                        $1  a piece
2 doz eggs                              $1.58 a dozen

10 Donuts                              $5.58

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