Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Highlights

2011 sure went by fast, I swear the older you get, the faster time goes! Remember how slow it seemed to go when you were a kid? As much of a blur as 2011 seemed to go let me see if I can remember a few highlights of the year!

1.) We got to take the kids to a hands on Museum in Saginaw Michigan, while we found it was aimed for a younger age group we all still had fun and found out next time we should take them to a place called The Castle there!

2.) We got to go spend a week with my sister and visit my mom while there. Our daughter also spent a night with her grandma on daddy's side along with her cousin who just moved here from Greece. They went to Green Field Village and we went swimming and garage saling!

3.) We got to spend a day locally garage saling, it has been 12 years since we lived in a place for good garage saling so this was tons of fun for us!

4,) I went on MANY 12 mile bike rides!

5.) We spent a day walking our new town getting to know it after finding $60 on a dirt country road! We walked town, went into any stores that caught any of our eyes, and had smoothies at the local bakery! A wonderful day spent as a family!

6.) We ate plenty of seasonal foods as I gleaned and harvested local foods such as apples, morel mushrooms, pears and berries!

7.) Made friends with our elderly neighbor which works out wonderfully. We bake sweets and goodies and always give her some of it or fix a plate if we have a special large dinner. In return she gives us food items she does not want or goes to people she knows to bring us bags of pears or apples. While we have told her she does not need to do this, it is her way of returning the kindness. Her and her son also give us venison from hunting!

8.) Took the kids on the River Walk a wonderful outdoor nature trail winding along our River right outside of town.

9.) Was able to replace our vehicle after 2 months of bike riding, not the way I would of liked but we really needed the car as we approached colder months!

10.) Had plenty to eat!

11.) Did get to go out to eat twice

12.) Was able to take home pizza once a month for most months, did go a couple months without this!

13.) Met my sister in law for the first time as she has moved back to the states after 20 years in Greece and my beautiful nieces and handsome nephew!

14.) Although I had to cash out most my investments I had created the habit of automatic investing where we did not miss the money any. It did bail us out to get our new vehicle too!

15.) Our needs were met, we laughed a lot, we loved fiercly

How was your 2011?