Thursday, January 12, 2012

Low/No Spend Challenge Update

Okay I really have been sabotaged on my NO FRIDGE aspect, my dear Aunt showed up the other night with a whole trunk full of groceries as a belated Christmas gift to us! I mean a whole trunk, not sure how much this totaled up to as there were many things she brought I would never ever buy like syrup, pancake mix, potato strings (think they are called shoe strings?) and instant oatmeal.....all in huge value family packs.
But she also brought tons of things that required a freezer or refrigeration like hams, butter, flavored cream for coffee and such. So the whole No Fridge is a definite no go, this is how it goes when you plan though, you plan and something comes to change those plans EVERY TIME!

I also have been spending more than I usually do or would of liked.

We went out to eat at  Arby's the other night, but but but I do have an excuse! I finagled our finances around this month which freed up some extra money, so we had the money to  go. Ponderosa closed a few weeks ago, Big Boy's is also closing soon and hubby came home with the  news that Arby's was also closing! So YEAH our town is dying quickly and I wanted to take the kids out to eat at Arby's before they closed! We are losing our options for eating out! Small town don't have that much to begin with! That will leave Burger King, Taco Bell and a very dying horrid Subway!  So we decided to go before they closed and spent $30 Bucks.  To REALLY spoil the kids we went and spent $8 on movie rentals too! We rented the whole 4rth season of Lost, Gnomeo and Juliet and Disc 1 of Season 1 Walking Dead

So $38   we also spend $25 in Gas that night on word gas prices would increase the next day by 20 cents a gallon.

After my aunt brought the free groceries, that freed up some more money for us. We did need dog food and milk so we went to get that but my 10 year old daughter desperately needed a belt, underwear and bras, she is developing far faster than I originally thought she would and that Daddy would like ( he would like to see her never develop at all! LOL) and she will take after his families side it looks of the well endowed!

So here we spend $29 for our daughters needs.

Total $67 unplanned spending where really only the $29 was needed.  As far as Arbys goes though, I can not remember the last time we went to sit down to eat out, sometime this past summer.

Also somehow  while I am looking at needing to get propane soon again as we have 44% in tank right now, I made these purchases while totally catching up on our way behind utilities for when hubby was only getting 20 hours a week. I have paid $139 in electric...............$280 on phone.........And did our $100 investing in Sharebuilder funds!

So all in all I am happy with how this month has been going, we also have a few dollars growing in a coffee can from pop bottle returns. I am also confident I will be able to put some towards our savings/emergency fund this month!

So there ya have it SUPER REAL!

How are you doing with your Low/No spend month?


  1. I'd have plugged in my fridge too!! ;) lol! Gad you were able to work out something special for the kids!! :)

  2. yeah........did not have much choice on the fridge LOL. I still want to try a No Fridge Challenge soon though!

    Yes it was really great to work something special in for the kids.......they are amazing kids and really deserve it now and again!