Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 3: More inspiration!

Day 3 found me thinking............what about some kind of a Math Mural or something! So I turned to my friend GOOGLE and was amazed and inspired by what I found!

Now I live in a rental so I can not go about just painting walls and such BUT I  thought maybe I can use the idea for Math Murals and paint something on Canvas, OR get fabric paint and paint a white sheet that can then get attatched to the ceiling or create Curtains for the windows designed with a Math Concept.

Anways I was soooooooooo Inspired by these wonderful sites that show photos of math murals! Amazing!

Mr. Goodrich Math Class

Google Photos of Math Murals

Math Murals Blogspot

These are all worth checking out, and are quite awesome, Perhaps I could even use this kind of idea to make an outside wall somewhere and create a mural for our outdoor learning space.........

No matter what I come up with in the end, looking up Math Murals inspired me in so many ways!