Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 11 : Maximizing Small Space

Did I mention we have a very small space to work with? LOL this tends to limit what we can do so when I saw this fabulous shower curtain I was like OH YEAH, I can use a space I never before would of considered!

While the kids both think we went off our rockers, the adults of the house all think this is just way too cool. Of course while the kids verbalize the fact they think we are dorky and nuts, they are actually having a fun time looking and studying the periodic table of elements anytime they enter our bathroom!

This goes to show you, when displaying an interesting learning environment, no space is off limits and anything and any space can be used in some fun and interesting fashion.

This also has me thinking of transforming the bathroom into a total chemistry theme, you know beakers for toothbrush holders, large test tubes to display bath salts and beads, and even maybe getting some chemistry themed fabrics at  to hide the laundry area which is through a door way in t he bathroom.

Off to do another project for our Habitat for Learning 365 project.........................