Sunday, February 19, 2012

Decluttering and Low Spend Challenge Update


Okay I know I know, I am real late posting these and I really did not want to, as I am very embarrassed about our "hot spot" areas which is basically any surface area! Please keep in mind we only have about 150 square feet a person where we live and go easy on us please!

The first week was personal space and even though my bedroom is open to the family during the day as our computer room or lounging on our bed to read, it is as close to personal space we have. The dresser areas are always mounded with clothes from my hubby and our youngest daughter ( who happens to change clothes several times throughout the day!) Both our daughters dresser is in our room as their room is just too small.

So Yeah, I cleaned it up and put everything back in it's drawers and took all the clothes my daughter will not wear and added them to her scrap material bin as she does a lot of sewing projects. I have become anal in making sure they keep their clothes where they belong........IN DRAWERS in the meantime!

The second week was family space and I again chose my daughters bedroom as I had just cleaned it top to bottom about 3 weeks from these photos and it looked like it did before I cleaned! Most of it was stuffed toys and mounds of fabric scraps from sewing. This told me there was no where to put anything so I went to Walmarts and spent $25 and got an over the door shoe organizer that holds barbie dolls, Nintendo Ds and games, small pet shop toys and little toys and hair ties.  I also got a 3 bin net laundry hamper and one bin is for webkinz toys, another for odd toys too big for the shoe pocket organizer and the third bin holds all her fabric scraps! What a difference these 2 items made! and a week later it is still CLEAN! LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT!

Now for the NO SPEND part...............well again not doing too well this month as I spent a lot on educational items including a shower curtain with the periodic table of elements on it..........HOW COOL IS THAT? Now I just need test tubes and a test tube holder for toothbrushes!

I did have February 10, 11 and 12 and now today as a no spend day so that makes a total of 5 so far this month.

We took our bronco in the other day and spend $120 to get an oil change and a much need belt replaced just to find out we have about $800 more in repairs needed ASAP all related to steering issues so we will be doing that this month too! Such is plans, you can plan all you want but I tell ya, Karma or fate or the universe or whatever you want to call it always throws things at ya to where plans just well don't happen!

I am still trying to use our refund to add to monthly income but if huge expensive items like auto repairs keep happening..........well at least we DO have the money to get it taken care of now! So all is good ......

February has turned out to be a very expensive month but it has been fun and enjoyable and things that really needed taken care of is getting done so no biggies.............

How are your decluttering and No Spend Challenges going?