Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 7 Purge and Organize

Remember the girls bedroom I JUST did awhile back? Within a day it was back to the mess you see in the first 2 photos so something was needed to help organize this greatly used space.

This is the bedroom all three kids use from time to time when they want privacy or somewhere quiet to do some sort of activity.

So off to Walmarts we went and for $25 got the over the door shoe organizer and the 3 bin laundry hamper.

Me and my adult daughter tackled it yesterday and with somewhere to put things had it clean and organized in 30 minutes! What a HUGE difference it made in their tiny 8 x 6 room.

There are two things that always seem to leave their room in a state of chaos, Webkinz and Material scraps.

So in the 3 bin laundry hamper, we used 1 bin for Webkinz, 1 for odd and end toys that are too big for the pocket organizer and the last bin for her material where she is always using, cutting and making doll and stuffed toy clothes with. Glad it got organized, it let me know her material pile has been drastically reduced and really needs to be replenished for all her sewing projects!

A plastic bin of building blocks and a small plastic tray holding an assortment of coloring pencils, crayons and scissors slid, neatly right under the laundry unit.

In the pocket organizer we put hair ties, barbie clothes, nintendo ds and games, littlest pet shop toys and things like that.

We moved the book shelf that use to be where the laundry bin is now at and it fit perfectly in the space by their door under their light switch and available plug outlet. This made a perfect place to put their radio and CD player.

Everyone is delighted with this new found space that can now stay organized and always ready to be used!

I have a few more ideas for this space BUT I am very surprised at how just two very simple things could make such a huge difference!