Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Action Update

Okay bare with me please, I feel I am busier than ever this month but getting farther and farther behind on everything! LOL

I have tons of recipes to share as I have been a regular Betty Crocker this past week in the kitchen, now I just have to find the Martha Stewart in me as much as the thought of the woman makes me shudder HA!

I also have my Decluttering photos to ahem, share as embarrassing as it will be but bare in mind, my household only has about 150 square foot a person!

So I will work on getting all this up this week, hopefully I do not flood everyone in updated posts trying to catch up!

But now on to this post which is my update on how I am doing for my goals this month!

1.) Make Yogurt  Yup third batch working as we speak! I found I can use 2% milk but the last 8 hour rest with the towel around it is increased to 16 hours! Still as good!

2.) Make Ice cream  Oh Yeah! One raspberry and one banana carmel chocolate, tonight will be a frozen yogurt.

3.) Get Cat Spayed Her and the Dog went in for a wellness exam as required by vet prior to scheduling both getting spayed. So health exams done, shots updated, fecal exams done ,  vet and assistant giving rave reviews about their sweet tempermants and great conditions of health. Surgery Set for earliest they could fit them in, in 2 weeks!

4.) Increase automatic investments to $200 a month Yup done and completed and investment transactions accounted for as completed.

5.) Put $100 towards savings yup, actually $250 so far

6.) Purchase Sam's Club membership Um NO, don't think I will be able to either, begged hubby over and over on DATE NIGHT to go  since we were right there and he refused! LOL I don't think he is a fan of going to another store that is 35 miles away when we have a Walmarts just 5 miles away.

7.) Start a sealed pot where pop bottle money and extra money goes into Not yet, February has gotten off really slow for any extra income, online as well as off so have not had any extra come in for a sealed jar yet.

8.) Establish financial routine Working on, purchased a few small things to help get this all organized.

9.) Log expenses/ Cash flow chart hmmmm been so busy this has fallen by the wayside but will go do as soon as I am done posting. Unfortuantly that may mean I have forgotten a few things so there will be unaccountable loss of money transactions this month.

10.) Start weekly financial family meetings No, I think I will start this tomorrow, to be honest I forgot about this one!

11.) Develop healthier menu Working on it!

12.) Order at least 2 financial books to start building up financial library Not yet, kids homeschooling educational items needed to come first. Like a Violin for my daughter I ordered as a birthday gift for her (her birthday is in May also a chemistry set for my sons birthday in April) Ordered a few books for teacher to such as Growing Up Global .

I will order the 2 financial books next week

13.) Research local environmental issues Not yet

14.) Set up a new blog venture Bought Domain Name, paid for Webserver and it is up at    but I need to do a ton of work on it and figure out a few kinks in using wordpress as I am a longtime blogspot user before it will really be ready.

15.) preserve food 2x this month Not yet unless icecream counts LOL

16.) Increase income streams from the $150 from January to $300 Sigh, as stated February has been slow so not sure if I will even do as good as January but then again................The month is not over!

So there you have it, the good the bad and the ugly!

How you doing with your February Goals?