Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 8-10 Purchases /Organize

Day 8 and 9 of our Habitat for learning project involved me sorting through my Amazon wish list and for once getting it organized.

I admitt I am an Amazon Junkie and since I find everything so darn interesting this has left me with a list of about 1500 items on it and it was to the point I could not find anything I wanted.

So I broke my list down into several catagories into new lists and spent 2 days going through it and moving items to their proper catagory! SIGH SOOOOOOOO much better! Now at a glance I can go to whatever catagory I want and see everything in a quick and easy fashion!

Day 10 was Purchasing and Replenishing! A lot easier to do when your lists are organized!

On top of making the purchases you see here from Amazon I also......

Purchased a 3 ring binder with alphabetical page dividers, plenty of blank page dividers where I can write on the tabs as well as several packages of protector sheets to keep their school year organized. Along with this of course was also getting the printer finally for the computer!

We then had a girls day yesterday to head to Walmarts and spent $100 refurbishing Art and Craft Supplies! That is always fun fun fun! My Daughter has been so inpsired by the book we already recieved called DOODLES UNLEASHED shown above! Fantastic exercises in that book!

My daugher is well stocked in paper, crayons and colored pencils so we purchased....

3 sketch pads
package of googly eyes
pkg of yarn pom poms (variety of sizes)
pkg of foil pom poms (variety of sizes)
glitter markers
variety color pkg permananent bic markers
glow in the dark sketch kit
pkg pipe cleaners
pkg of block stamps
ink stamp pads
pkg of variety of sizes and types of paint brushes
box of acrylic paints
2 yards of 2 different fabrics at a yard a piece
(I got 3 yards of fabric for curtains I plan on sewing for the girls room as well)

If you noticed I purchased a shower curtain with the periodic table on it! I also found I can get periodic table fabric so gonna create a learning space in the bathroom with a chemistry theme! How cool is that?