Tuesday, February 28, 2012

End of February Action List Update

1.) Make Yogurt  Made 4 batches

2.) Make Ice cream Made 3 batches
 3.) Get Cat Spayed  dog and cat done!

4.) Increase automatic investments to $200 a month YES

5.) Put $100 towards savings $650!6.) Purchase Sam's Club membership Decided against doing, not worth the drive

7.) Start a sealed pot where pop bottle money and extra money goes into Yup!

8.) Establish financial routine NO not really

9.) Log expenses/ Cash flow chart fail

10.) Start weekly financial family meetings doing today

11.) Develop healthier menu our meals were healthier but really did not create a menu

12.) Order at least 2 financial books to start building up financial library ordered 1

13.) Research local environmental issues yup

14.) Set up a new blog venture  Yes and still working on at http://www.homeschoolinghousewives.com/

15.) preserve food 2x this month
16.) Increase income streams from the $150 from January to $300 Did not even make the $150 like in January! FAIL

All things considered I believe I did fairly well reaching most the goals I had set out to o on this list!
How did your goals for February go?