Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family of Foodies Defeats Well Stocked Pantry Goals

Perhaps it is because I grew up with shelves in the basement, huge freezer, and cupboards crammed full of food....a mixture of store bought and what was canned or frozen from the large garden. I use to love seeing all that food growing up and never was really ever concerned we may go hungry. There was an abundance of food and we were really ready for just about anything........at least for awhile.

Perhaps stocking food for up to a year, recommended by preppers and survivalists......well just makes plain sense to me!

So I have always had this nostalgic dream of having 6 months to a year stocked food supply.

This month I spent way over my typical food budget......around $720, add another $200 for dining out to that! My goal was to boost our pantry, this is NOT the first time I have tried this but may well darn be my last time I try! Or I really need to review exactly what I need to store that the family will leave the heck alone!

My family LOVES food it all it's forms and are really food junkies, I mean really they are AL:L ABOUT FOOD.

So what did all that spending on food this month accomplish? ZILCH!

They simply ATE MORE and at the end of the month we are really not much better off than when I spend $150 to $300 in a month!

The one thing it did do was I still have plenty of whole wheat, sugar, flour and rice. I have plenty of peanut butter and molasses. I have a few cans of salmon and about 5 lbs of chicken breasts in the freezer. I have plenty of honey and syrup.

so in a few bulk ways it did help but really not by much.All  the dried fruit is mostly gone, I am left with one bag of banana chips and one bag of dried cranberries. I also still have a bag of coconut.

But really they ate their way happily through most of what was spent on food.

Unless I got a huge chest that locked I think it is time to either admit defeat or re- evaluate how I could build up a stock pile that they won't eat up all in a month!I mean REALLY?

Sigh it was a nice though but a very expensive experiment of trying to attain to me, a worth while goal!

If this was any other family.......it may of had a chance!