Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carla's Take Three Challenge Update #2

  • Try to earn $300 extra this month   Made an extra $55 this week
  • add to my sealed jar weekly added 30 bucks!
  • shoot for 23 no spend days 8 no spend days so far, looks like I will be short on this goal for the month

  • Area where washer and dryer should be Okay ummmm it has been in the 70's in MARCH! Been outside, outside, and outside
  • bathroom cupboards
  • junk drawers in kitchen
  • cut smoking down to 10 a day by 4rth week down to 13 a day! Cut by 2 from last week
  • walk 2 miles at a time 3 times a week YUP  5 walks 2 being 4 miles each and 2 bike rides!
  • read book on buying pre-forclosure properties and finish book Growing up Global  Got side tracked by reading the whole book "Catch Fire how to ignite your own economy!"
how is your take three challenge going?