Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 13: Garden Space

I don't have pictures yet but we have started preparing the beds for gardens which creates a small portion of outdoors learning space!

I know I am struggling to keep on track of this habitat for learning project but as long as I continue to add new things ( while perhaps not daily yet!) I am happy that we are at least progressing!

A garden will be a focal point of outdoor learning space however and already we have prepared a small bed of about 14 x 8.  I want to add on about the same amount to this for this year and this will be our vegetable garden space.

We have also bought pots at a local thrift store and vertical gardening methods will be blended in as well! We have bought all our seeds and will plant some indoors as well like tomato's and green peppers.

We also have purchased a grape vine, blackberry bush, blueberry bush and strawberries. I have some lattice I plan on incorporating as well.

We are really excited to be adding green growing things to our learning habitat and getting our hands dirty! I will post pictures of it soon and keep up photos of the garden progress!

Share your learning spaces in the comments, we love to be inspired!