Wednesday, March 28, 2012

High Speed Baby!

Woo Hoo DSL is finally available in our area through our phone company! It is also AFFORDABLE!

I am so excited about this turn of events as it means working online will be so much more time efficient than this slow dial-up we have been using for over a year now!

Rural areas may be cheaper but sometimes you have to trade off things such as high speed internet. We did have cable available but I did not like the company and it was on the pricey side for our liking. So we have been patiently waiting, making do with dial-up and waiting, waiting for DSL to expand into our area!

IT IS FINALLY HERE , we will have high speed Friday woo hoo! I will be able to see things on You Tube again and blogs loaded with photos !!!!!!!!

Happy Dance Happy Dance   I am hoping this means it will be tons easier for me to work on the computer trying to build an online income!  And of course certain things we as a family find pleasurable ( and useful for homeschooling too!) 

Keep on truckin on!

"When you expect good things, only good things can happen!"