Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Pursuit of High Speed

Thursday I was suppose to take our daughter to her art mentor program where the mentor is teaching her wood burning. I accidentally overbooked where it was overlapping hubby's work meeting, so I dropped hubby off at his meeting and then waited an hour at the college art building for nothing. A mix up where we were suppose to be outside but it was cold so we waited inside, so when she looked and did not see us outside, she assumed we did not show, while we assumed she did not show!  So fine it was resheduled for Friday at 3pm when they were suppose to come out for our DSL between 10 am and Noon!

By 12:30 Friday and no Internet dudes showing, I call our small phone company.........

Oh, well there seemed to be a mix-up with our order and it was still PENDING......what? I scheduled this 4 days ago? Her reply was the only explanation she had was their computer was running slow.......UM 4 DAYS SLOW? You call this HIGH SPEED? Do I really want this kind of HIGH SPEED?  Oh and you guys live in Minnesota right? WHAT? NO! and I quote............."Oh Michigan huh, boy I really need to learn my state abbreviations!" WHAT? Seriously? A phone company service op does not know the state abbreviations? Am I even talking with a person in the United States?

Well I let them know we have to leave for another appointment by 2:30 but the techs are all on lunch so they emailed them letting them know they were suppose to be at our place and by 1pm they call back. They continue calling back to let me know they are still working on it.

By now I have 2 kids 14 and 11 (soon to be anyways) screaming bloody High Speed is a MUST at that age you know!

Hubby comes home and we work it out that he will drive our daughter to her wood burning program and come back to get us as I need to figure out how to fit shopping into this chaos. We will have to pick our daughter up by 5pm.

At 4:10pm I get a call they are still working on it but have NO confidence it will get done today, a 30 minute deal has turned into over 3 hours. ( I actually felt bad for the guy, the one day we had a freezing Ice/snow pelting down winter storm he was outside in it the whole time!) But he told me to go shopping. They would return Saturday morning! Both kids DEVASTATED and instant Bad Attitudes........a Mutiny is breaking out! We had to RACE through the grocery store to get what we needed and arrived exactly on time to pick up our daughter!

Saturday comes and finally around noon we get a call and he is ready to come to the  house and do the inside portion! Apparently the order was pending because workers were suppose to come and lay the DSL lines before he came which did not happen. So he had to lay our lines almost all the way into town! (Then why on the phone did they tell me it was available in my area?)

It took him quite awhile in the house as it was not wanting to work right away and he kept questioning whether we were simply too far away! Wow

In the end he got it working! YEAH so we have High Speed now but man talk about a hectic couple of days............I did not even get a chance to get on yesterday as my daughter took over to play the online games and watch youtube that is not possible on dial up!

At least my son has a laptop so I do not have to fight him for my computer too!