Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art Mentoring : Woodburning

College students in the local college arts department are mentoring kids through our local art gallery that runs once a week for 4 to 6 weeks.

This was Corin's first project she did last week with her mentor in her 2 hour mentoring workshop. She did another one that is 2 lamb heads touching which is adorable but her mentor kept it to finish sanding off the back so I do not have a photo of that one yet.

This is something Corin is not quite sure if she likes or not and when I asked her how she liked it, I got a simple "It's OKAY but I like it enough to go back to and I do not want to hurt my mentors feelings."

This is a great experience, allowing her to be creative in a new medium she has never tried before and through it she discovered how much she LOVES working and creating with lots and lots of color. Woodburning lacks color for her and this is where it ended up lacking enjoyment for her.

She has workshops coming up soon dealing with colored pencil techniques and ink techniques with sharpie markers. I think she will enjoy those much more to her liking.

It has been a great program to try something new long enough to know if you may like it but not so long that if you do not like it you have to endure it.

The mentoring program is totally free while the other workshops for colored pencils and ink did cost a small fee.

We have been delighted to discover this all being offered in our small town though this Corin is very much into the arts and music side of life and this is all well suited to her and will help her become a better artist for her time and enjoyment of these activities.