Thursday, April 26, 2012

Artist Workshop Results

The Wood burning pieces were done with our daughters mentor from the arts department at the college. She took in a photo of the lambs we printed off the computer where she transferred it to the wood and then used the wood burner. The girl she did, Corin actually hand drew that herself after a quick lesson from her mentor in drawing to scale. They then transferred it to be wood burned!

The flowers were done at the Art Gallery in a colored pencil technique workshop. The first flower was for them to use the petals for the color wheel which I think is really beautiful! Then they went o to draw a pansy in colored pencil.

This past Saturday is when she took the 2 hour colored pencil workshop while the rest of us went fishing close by, and browsing the thrift store, music store and bike shop. Then after we picked her up from the workshop, we went to another town about 30 miles away so  Shae could shop with his recent Birthday money. We went to Game stop so he could get a video game then we all went out to Bob Evens ( after quietly sneaking out of a really good smelling but too much money Italian Restaurant) for lunch.

It really was a wonderful , relaxing day that was nothing but enjoyable.