Friday, April 27, 2012

Not Happening.........

Well, we never heard anything back from the interview so it was not meant to be I suppose! Back to the drawing board of having simply a "job" at crap pay BUT being thankful hubby has a job!

So back I go to the drawing board, thinking, prepping, striving for something, anything that will help save us money, build wealth, build food storage, increase income and in general improve our little lot in life.

My goals for increasing income is going much slower than I had hoped, it is a real struggle for me and I take full responsibility for it not going as planned. Much of this is due to my seemingly total inability to manipulate time the way I would like to. Too much to do with no set schedule or routine that leaves everything spinning off track, unbalanced. Something I really really need to work on....BALANCE.

In stead I take each day as it comes and wander around as my moods direct me too, which tends to slow me down in most areas of my goals.

So I have some new ideas to work out over the weekend to reduce spending and make a new budget balance  and get us on firmer ground. I also am hopeful May will bring warmer weather to start our Yard Sale business and a better Scrap Metal month! 

It is no big deal he will not be getting the new job really, we have been doing pretty darn good so far with the little we have. It just would of been nice! So back to life as usual.....

Keep on Truck in On!