Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Page Turned

From April to May our children's birthdays all pretty much fall 2 weeks apart, with Easter and Mothers Day in between  and of course the mark of planting the garden. Nicer weather here getting us all outside, fishing, hiking and camping season has arrived. Our busy time of the year starts around the beginning of April and continues well  into the fall until cold weather chases us back inside again.

Yet another thing happens too, each year at this time, remarkable changes occur and marks the start of a new chapter, the pages turn as the children change each year at this time with their approaching birthday's. It is a wonderful thing to observe and look forward to as the mature and change with each passing birthday.

Shae turned 14 in April, he will be entering his high school years in the fall, he is at least 5 foot 10 inches now and went from a stocky boy to all bones and battles to stay around the 130 pound mark. He gains a pound, shoots up an inch or two and loses 5 pounds! Never ending battle which he says if I fed him Deep Fried Twinkies all would be solved! He voice has deepened, continuing to change and yes of course has the funny cracking that happens to all adolescent boys! He is growing a mustache and turning into quite the handsome teen boy! He still loves everything Japan as he has since he was 2 or 3 and we send him anything Japan related we can find as he soaks it all up. He is really serious about going there when he turns 18 and we of course support this with everything we can give. His Dad got him a laptop for his birthday so he spends a lot of time on it as well as XBox Live now as a wonderful recent event finally got us some High Speed Internet available in our area and we gave the boot to slow dial-up! This allows him  to play and talk with his friend from North Carolina he had gotten real close with when we lived there for a year.

He has become more helpful and almost annoys me asking me all day if I need help with anything and gladly doing it when I say I would love  some help. If I say no, I get several "Are you sure?" but as  much as it annoys me, I must say this is so sweet and appreciated! He has become STRONG and his help comes in handy sometimes.  Other times I have to remind him I am human and please don't hurt me when he is trying to be nice and rub my shoulders or wants to rough house with mama! He really does not realize his own strength!

For something new, I introduced him to investing not too long ago and this REALLY excited him and now he wants us to open a bank account for him and show him and teach him how to invest and all about investing! I think that is incredible he is interested in it at such a young age!

Corin, our baby just turned 11 and is wanting to learn how to play violin which we gave to her for her birthday. She says she is not ready for lessons right now and wants time to work with it and play it for herself for now and maybe start with a few instructional DVDs . That is fine, I think it is great she has really put some thought into it.

After reading another blog from a girl with Dyslexia, she has finally realized she struggles with it as we have never said a word to her. Reading the post though Corin was like "OMG that's ME it has a NAME? That sucks!"

She is showing huge changes in maturity and putting deep thought behind her actions and moving out of the "I'm the baby" personality that all too often the baby of the family displays.

She is actually starting to put a lot of thought into college too as she wants to be a Zookeeper and has been looking into what you need to be a Zookeeper and continues to study animals with zeal and passion.

She is also enjoying our high speed being social in nature she loves interacting and playing multi-player games where she can talk to others online. Of course she likes to do so off line too but as social as she is, she can not seem to get enough of talking to a wide variety of folk.

Now she is moodier, as she also is going through many stages of going through puberty and can not always control those hormones all the time. But she is still kind and gentle when it moves her to be and still often helps out our 79 year old neighbor and loves sitting on her porch shooting the breeze with her.

Our oldest will be turning 26 in 3 days, and still lives here with works..........we are all happy and yes have to deal with many constantly asking when she will move out as THEY think she should.........we think she should do what makes her happy and we enjoy her company for now until one day she might decide she wants to move on. At least she is here to watch her brother and sister grow up and build a close relationship with them even though there is a 12 and 15 year gap ....there is no shame in that. She also does not free-load, we all combine the income and it helps us as much as it helps her.

With the pages now turning, I am really looking forward to seeing what will be written in them throughout this year! Change is delicious!