Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bunk Bed Repurposed

What do you do with a broken down bunk bed set? When your daughter keeps hounding for a flower garden create her a "Bed of Roses" or "Bed of Flowers!"

This is what we did the other day as these have been sitting in our shed all winter and hubby tilled up the garden area for our 11 year old daughter. We have a red set waiting for  a second bed too that we plan on incorporating into our "Bed of Roses" theme!

It is a great way to re-use something for a cute idea ( which is not done, you will have to see what it ends up as later in the year of course!) that may otherwise have been burned or thrown out. Our daughter loved this idea for "her" flower beds. Although who's really will the be when I am doing all the work? hmmmmmmm I wonder! Ha ha! Perhaps she will suprise me and work hard at it herself?

She has a packet of morning glory seeds we will plant along the frames which will give them their needed space to climb.

What do ya'all think? I think it is perfect for a little girls themed flower bed!