Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dumpster Diving Drama

Well what an incredibly interesting day it turned out to be! First I have a whole LOT on my plate right now, I really need to clone several Me's to get it all done!Seriously!

So I start my morning with routine stuff, checking emails, researching , feeding chickens, fertilizing garden with compost tea, you know just typical all in a day's work stuff for an over achieving woman trying to better her families lot in life and change her stripes.

Hubby wants to go fishing, I say great, go and have fun I will be here doing my thang! This I say knowing my To  Do list is a mile long......( when I wrote a list of everything I need to spread my time over on a weekly basis it came to 73 items! And no there is no prioritizing really, they are all high priorities.) Perhaps a few can be delegated, not sure yet.........looking in to it, will get back to you.

But then he sits in his truck, he tinkers, he pouts, he is not leaving the driveway. He opens the door and comes up to me finishing my garden chores and with puppy dog eyes talks me into going after promising it will only take about an hour. I say fine I will dumpster dive around town while you fish  as we did not have money for worms and no time to dig them. I am an old fashioned country girl, I hate lures, never in my life caught anything with lures and ONLY fish with the old worm and hook. So I thought dumpster diving sounded fun.

So he drops me off at Kmart and again reassures me he will only be about an hour and I say fine, by that time I should have worked my way all the way up to Wallets. No problems love ya babe, see ya in an hour. Uh-Huh.......oh and if ya find a lot of scrap metal let me know! Uh Huh........hair prickling on my arms letting me know not to trust this man. Something did not feel right.

This was about 10:30 am, beautiful mild sunny day, my book bags in tow I head out for my fun of treasure hunting. I have about a 2 mile strip to walk behind several stores and right away I find a 15 to 20 pound good sized piece of metal. Too big for the book bag, I slide it in but can't zip it so I have to carry it in front of me instead of putting the straps on on back. Old injuries make this murder on my back and neck but no sweat, it really did not feel that heavy............at FIRST.

I go the whole 2 miles looking in all the dumpsters and did not find much of anything but about $1.50  in returnable cans which of course I collected. I also collected a power strip with the cord still on it...yeah insulated copper for the scrap yard! Now the large piece of metal WAS starting to get heavy and the sun was getting hotter.

I decide to walk the whole Walmart parking lot, because well you just never know what you may find! Well no luck their either but did notice they are selling nice sized dwarf plum and apple trees.......gonna get me some of those babies!

I sit, I wait, I forget it and start heading to the park on the river where I know hubby would be fishing........3 or 4 miles away.

On the way I see the bank clock say it is 12:30pm.....hmmmm no food yet today no wonder I am shaking........darn I REALLY should of brought that bottle of water from home! Another 2 miles to go too! Wow this metal really really gets heavy! Of course by now I am so cussing hubby out in my head of what a complete Ass he turned out to be today! ( even though I know how time stops when you are fishing.)

By now my neck has a crook in it, by back is killing me, my armpits sweating to beat the band......wow brilliant forgot to put deodorant on! The heat is really getting to me , I waited way to long to eat and am so shaky think I am just gonna die.Hmmmmmmmmmm I am at the bridge now with the Dam wow that water is rushing fast! Could I jump and just end it? (seriously my body was screaming in pain by now.....20 years ago I could of done this all day long.....even walked 30 miles one day when I was 16 but not now. This is one injured old dog here and I do have limits of what I can force my body to do now a days!

From the Dam I can smell fish, AND see our parked truck.......refueling my anger.

I walk up to him........well really kind of wobbled at this point as heat exhaustion was really setting in as it must of been reaching 1:30pm by now. He takes a look at my full bags and looks at me all innocent like and says...............

You go shopping baby?

I glare at him in disbelief......(didn't we talk about my dumpster diving? even joked about finding heavy metal? Also discussed how to come up with gas money as we have NO MONEY! What kind of stupid question is this?)

I glare harder and simply, quietly look him dead in the eyes and told him.."YOU are an ASS!" And throw my heavy bag down with an over emphasised thud so he knew how heavy it was...( anyone that knows us know we NEVER call each others names......well except hon and babe, or mama and papa...he actually knows I am perturbed with him when I use his first name as I never call him by his first name.)

Innocently he says "What?"

Oh how I can glare! "Your hour was up 2 hours ago!"

Well he looked then and eyed the metal and back up to me........OH  baby I am SO sorry! Uh huh

"You knew I had a lot to do today and I am now exhausted!"

Well he felt so bad he has been going all gun ho since we been home getting everything done I asked last week for him to get done! hahahaha

How was your incredible day of Drama?