Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creating A Health Plan

Creating a health plan is an easy way to start baby stepping your way into a healthier lifestyle. Nobody expects you to make a 100 degree turn around over night, and if you are use to eating bad food, and an overall unhealthy way of life, it is not good for you to make such drastic changes at once.

To make a good health plan one should take into consideration of implementing a body, mind and spirit approach. Preventative and holistic measures can go a long ways in keeping you healthy and away from doctors! This is not to say you will never need a doctor, but doing what you can to stay healthy and in good mental state of mind, will have you not needing them near as much. I am no doctor and this is not medical advice, if you feel you have something serious, you should go in and get it checked right away.

When creating a health plan you should try to implement (starting slowly of course of what you think you can easily change) some or all of the following.

  • Healthy Menu- What kind of healthy foods do you want to start incorporating into your diet and how many times a week? Do you want vegetarian, vegan, whole foods or raw foods? How many times a week will you in the beginning stages allow yourself the processed or junk foods that you enjoy and you feel would be hard for you to give up? Is there certain foods you want to incorporate for their health benefits such as fighting cancer, building immune systems, energy boosting?

  • Outdoor activities- Sunscreens have bad things in them we absorb into our skin, yet we need the Vitamin D we get from the sun. We should plan on getting outside daily for at least 30 minutes a day. To help boost our Vitamin D we may want to take a Vitamin D supplement or eat plenty of Vitamin D rich fish such as Salmon or Mackerel at least 3 times a week. Perhaps you could incorporate an exercise routine with being outside such as running, or brisk walking 2 miles a day, biking 5 miles a day or a gentle Tao Chi or Yoga routine outside.

  • Music Therapy- Here you may want to spend 15 minutes a day with and listen to types of music that lift your spirits and make you feel good. Or you can listen to special healing vibrational types, drumming or what ever makes you feel at peace or gives you joy.

  • Exercise- This should be a cardio workout and could be broke up into a variety of different exercise forms to prevent boredom or too much stress on your body. Again this could be incorporated with the getting outside in the sun time. Do an exercise routine that you feel good about and want to do!

  • Spirituality- This does not necessarily mean religious pursuits, for I am aware not everyone is religious, however finding things we really feel a deep spiritual connection to daily can be an important step in staying healthy.This may be going to church, finding ways to help others, marveling at something we find beautiful or even spending time in nature.

  • Massage Therapy- Our skin is sensitive and touch can have amazing healing qualities or allow us to get rid of excess stress at the end of a hard day. You may not be able to afford a  massage therapist, but perhaps you could  arrange a night with a friend, spouse or the family exchanging massages. Try a gentle tickle too, just barely gliding the tips of fingers over the persons skin..this has amazing results for someone suffering from back pain or chronic muscle pain as it seems to confuse the nerves in a wonderful way.

  • Meditation- Some time should be found a few times a week at least for reflection, deep breathing techniques and quieting our minds for at least 15 minute sessions.

  • Laughter- Watch comedies, tell jokes, read jokes, do whatever makes you laugh, as the saying goes laughter is the best medicine! Try to find time and things to do that make you laugh as often as you can throughout each and every day! Laugh until you cry, laugh until it hurts, Laugh until you burst!

So start creating your health plan today keeping these things in mind to try to incorporate and you will be well on your way to a healthier life. As with anything this goes without saying, if you have certain bad habits such as too much sugar, smoking or drinking  a plan of action to stop these bad habits should be part of your plan as well!

Here's to a healthy you!