Friday, May 25, 2012

Remember our Old Couch? Growing our own part 3

Our old couch has been sitting behind our trailer waiting for hubby to one day in the hopefully near distant future burn! It also happens to be near the edge of our garden!  Now my yard has absolutely NO PLACE to hang anything.  I have very little in which to build anything for hanging at the present moment and well I JUST DON'T have the time or desire at this point if I am truly honest!

So as I planted the garden it just so happened that the 3 hanging baskets I bought at Walmarts on clearance for $3 a basket fit perfectly on the couch for hanging! Well there ya go, make use of what you already have at hand the saying goes! 

In those 3 baskets I have one with strawberries ( unfortunately looks like only 2 plants survived our late season frosts!)  I have 1 normal cuke and then the last basket is pickling cukes.  I water them when I water my garden, easy as pie being in the same vicinity!

On my back porch the next photos show using the rail to hang a basket of sugar snap peas, I also have a 5 gallon bucket behind it on the porch carrying sugar snap peas. These can climb the porch rails or hang down, or climb the wires of the hanging basket itself, either way it works for me. These 2 containers will actually be my 11 year old is the ONLY vegetable she will eat and she will ONLY eat it fresh out of a garden, she will not even eat the fresh pods from the store! As much as we love our fresh sugar snap peas, we give them to her as we will eat everything else that comes out of the garden as we delight in watching her devour a whole cereal bowl full of Sugar snap peas in one sitting! The other pot on the back porch are our green onions I just planted so are not growing yet but can not wait!

The next photo shows the 3 pots next to our old couch, next to the garden area which holds a blueberry bush ( set up on a old garbage can to protect it from our cat who delighted in snapping off it's poor little fragile branches!) and then I have a seedless red grape in the large pot and a blackberry bush in the last. Unfortunately I think my blackberry bush is another victim that died in our late season frost!) will replace it with local wild ones!

Then last but not least we have our make shift compost bucket from the 5 gallon buckets hubby brings home for free! Since then I actually started a large plastic tub and will use the smaller buckets as the large bin fills up. The dark garbage bags are there to help absorb the heat of the sun.

All in a days work...........