Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anime Addictions

Yup, that pretty much sums up this last week or two as Anime Addiction to the extreme seems to have taken over our daughter. She has been totally engrossed with watching anything Anime from the time she gets up, until she goes to bed ( staying up later than normal to watch them too!)

She does not even care if it is all in Japanese language with no subtitles either, she is watching as much as she can find on YouTube whether they are a short clip or a full 2 hour episodes or even watching complete series of them one right after another.

The addiction took such a hold over her that for the first couple of days, she was even skipping meals as she disappeared into her bedroom to watch them on the laptop. My active, loud daughter suddenly quiet and not wanting to be bothered for anything as this festival of Anime continued. She periodically will stop long enough to draw Anime characters though and WOW I think drawing Anime may just be her forte, they are really really good! I will see if I can post some photos later.

Both our kids can throw themselves 150% into an activity or subject at any given time when it is something they find fascinating to them like this though. It is actually awesome when they come across something that they find so interesting they literally become obsessed with it for a time.

Sometimes these episodes of throwing themselves totally into such as this, only last a couple hours or a day, sometimes they last for weeks or months and occasionally the interest is still there for YEARS, such as our sons total fascination with Japan and anything Japanese related which has mesmerized him since we was two or three years old.

I love it when they find something they can throw themselves so deeply into, their eyes on fire, an  unarguable passion for learning as much as they can, a craving so large it is hard to keep fed. When these hit, I am right there to support it and help feed these cravings for total and complete learning to develop naturally and am usually just as excited as they are. Their total excitement is so contagious it can ignite the whole family and turn a household into chaos. A fun chaos though as the flurry of learning flourishes, grows, transforms.

Learning addictions are a wonderful thing to witness, be part of and share in its wonder.

Walking to their own beats............Amazing!