Friday, June 15, 2012

Family of 6 on a Grand a Month

Okay so I did sit down and try to figure out a new budget, perhaps not pretty and what I might consider a survival mode budget but here it goes.

Rent                $475
Car payment  $180  (temporarily-we only have 4 payments left and never again a car payment!)
Car Insur       $110   ( Why is Michigan so expensive when other states it is only $35????)
Gas for Car      $80    
phone              $50
electric            $25
Food               $80

And that is the budget we are looking at which will start in July, looks scary even on paper as to whether or not it is doable or if I am being overly optimistic again but it will have to do.

Now our car is really a truck, an old bronco with 200,000 miles on him and gets about 12 miles to the gallon soooooooo I highly doubt $80 for gas will last a month when we pay around $200 right now in gas for him a month. The food? yeah it is low but I will have to count on the garden........which the farmers behind us just put in all brand new irrigation systems and we were told to watch out for their irrigation systems running our wells dry...............hmmmmmm.

But I figure if i can stick to this ghastly budget for a few months....we will be rewarded in the end and again make it through a tight time. If things don't turn out to be so tight? Well then perhaps we can get started on that emergency cushion after all.