Friday, June 15, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

It always seems we have a plateau that we can never cross, oh we have ups and downs as with any typical cycle like anyone else. The problem is the Ups have this plateau, a brick wall that every time we hit, something comes along to knock us down a few rungs on the ladder. SIGH life story happening here.

Things have been smoothing out, if you have followed this blog from the beginning, you would know how rough last summer was for us. Yet we found our true grit, persevered and made it through somehow, and never missed a meal....a blessing and miracle in itself for what we had to work with.

This year we have been doing so much better, and enjoying life once again....not merely in survival mode. Even with overspending in May, June has been seeing us get all caught up and things taken care of. We have increased income by $3,000 a year which has been in large the credit for us being able to enjoy simply luxuries such as ordering a pizza once in a while, or even going out to eat occasionally, putting my daughter into art workshops, getting fishing gear and licenses, camping, and even the things we needed to put a garden in and some chickens. I know right? $3,000 added to annual income makes a huge difference when your income is at a bottom tier for earnings!

Life has been good.

And then my son's father came this morning to pick him up for Fathers Day weekend and.........

notified me that he is being permanently laid off as his plant shuts down so yeah no child support will be coming.

And there goes the $3,000 annual increase to our income shoving us back to the bottom starting line again. SIGH yup life story! Every time we start breathing and start to make a little progress in getting ahead.......every time something comes along to knock my big ego out of the sky.

Now on a positive note, yes I know, everything happens for a reason, and in everything, good and bad lies hidden opportunities. And we do have the garden to fall back on thank my stars, already an improvement from last year!

So this weekend will have me pouring over finances, making adjustments, looking for opportunities and problems solving to come up with some realistic solutions. Realistic is not always my strong suit, I am an idealist by nature , an over achiever in many ways and tend to be overly optimistic in establishing budgets or setting yeah just look at my 2012 goals to get my point... a tad overly optimistic! LOL

Off to the drawing board and thinking shit out..................