Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Productive Day and a Challenge for Those Who Want it!

Taking advantage of the break in the heat today, with cooler weather here I have been putting off a couple things not wanting to heat the oven when the weather was so so hot. No really a trailer with no shade trees does not need any help producing unbearable, I can not breath types of heat!

So today was breezy and in low 70's so here is what I have been up to!

  1. Blanched and froze a meals worth of mustard and turnip greens. ( Still have some in fridge for fresh eating today as well!)
  2. Made a large batch of healthy Granola Cereal ( filled up one of those large Ice Cream Buckets!)
  3. Made 2 trays 9 x 13 of  healthy Granola Bars
  4. Made kids an Energy Shake with watermelon and bananas to go with wedges of watermelon for lunch ( neighbor gave us the watermelon for sharing our greens with her)
  5. Watered Garden and Flower Beds
  6. Picked more white clover and have it steeping now to make more jelly tonight
  7. Getting started on Quiche for dinner with a cornbread crust
  8. Called and talked to my Mama ( yeah I know it was not work but I needed the 15 minute break!)
  9. Thinking of still making some muffins and homemade ice cream tonight........not sure that may be pushing it!

Okay so really it does not look like much but really, I have been in the kitchen a long time today and I really am getting a tad whipped! At least it was enjoyable work and they love the granola cereal they will be able to have in the morning.........it is healthy and much less than any store bought granola cereals!

Okay so on to the challenge..............Pick one room and go through it to get rid of anything you or a family member really don't need and must have!  Only keep what you or a family member feels they absolutely can not live without!  Write up a post about it sharing what room you chose and what all you got rid of and what you decided to keep. Be sure to come back here and leave a comment to share the link to your post on it!

Mini-Size it Challenge! Are you up for it? Let me know if you want to try it!