Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Power of a Dollar

Looking back over the years, I have found the dollar to be a powerful tool in acquiring things we really needed or wanted. Somehow we were always in the right place in the right time, while actively seeking that which we wanted to find. We put the worry of "how" aside and just actively searched or paid closer attention to the signs around us.

When I talk about the power of the dollar, I am not talking about it in a plural sense, but rather just the power of a single $1 bill, for that is usually what I have on hand in my purse most days. Yet we never let it stop us and never questioned the power of your mind and determination.

In 2001 we desperately needed a car as we were VERY pregnant with our last and youngest daughter, our car had broken down beyond repair after moving 600 miles away from family, friends and anyone we knew to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the Keweenaw Peninsula........an area that averages 30 feet of snow every winter. Work was 15 miles away in another town and we had been relying on Taxi cabs that were talking over half of hubby's paychecks.

With a dollar in my purse I walked by a car dealership advertising that years brand new cavaliers with a 0 down financing. I went home and told hubby to go check it out and he said but we only have a buck, and I said so? What do you have to lose? In an hour we had a brand new car that lasted 6 years before something exploded scattering tiny fragments of metal throughout the entire engine and oil pan rendering it non repairable. But it was what we needed at the time and served us well while we had it. That tiny car was used for hauling pigs, goats, 8 people from time to time and many other things folks never thought we could squeeze into the tiny car, yet we always did! It worked just fabulous for whatever we needed it for!

Another time, when we discovered the building was being sold that we rented an apartment in, and the new owners would be taking over the 1500 square foot apartment WE were in, we had to move. With a dollar in my purse I saw a Farm for rent for a $1000 a month on 40 acres..........I recalled the place had been up for sale for several years.......houses in the UP of Michigan can sit for a really long time if they are not dirt cheap.

With a dollar in my purse we went and looked and I looked at hubby and said THIS IS OURS! Sure enough they allowed us to not only rent it but would go Land Contract. Unfortunately they really screwed us over in the Land Contract and never did any of the things they said they would do so it only lasted a Year. BUT nobody in their right minds would of let us rent that place on our income let alone try to purchase it.........yet they did. Rent was paid miraculously on time every month with me working at a Humane Society full time and running a full scale farming operation full time while still being mom, housekeeper and wife. Nope I did not sleep, that whole year I ran off of 3 hours asleep a night..........one week I only got 3 hours of sleep the WHOLE week to assist in the birthing of goats and still going to the Humane Society to work full time that whole week.

I hand cut hay with a Scythe, hand dug a 1/2 acre garden, we WALKED a 1/4 mile driveway ALL WINTER with sleds to sled in and out kids and grain through blizzards, 40 below weather and all. Sometimes at 2am with the coyotes and bears and cougar running about.......... fun times!

It was HARD but the best year of my life.........I was so happy to do what I was doing and never felt more fit and healthier in my life.

While these are only 2 instances, there have been many others we have had in the 13 years we have been together (well coming up on 13 years anyways) that have all happened with no more than a dollar in my pocket. In this instances we never think a NO or a WON'T HAPPEN is in the picture......there is a unique determination that we simply KNOW we will get it when these instances occur in our  lives.

We actively work in searching and looking when we know we want something and perhaps this is the step that puts us in the right place and the right time with the right people to make it happen.

The power of a $1 dollar can be incredible if you simply let go of HOW and simply BELIEVE it will be yours somehow. They universe is a mysterious world indeed!