Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I Have Learned From My Father

  1. Never take money from the cookie jar (without your spouse knowing)
  2. It is never to late to take on a worthwhile project of immense community service (so proud of you DAD!)
  3. Retire in time to have the health to enjoy retirement ( discovered he had cancer a week after he retired and again battled a second round of a different cancer soon after recovering from the first a true survivor! 2x round survivor!)  
  4. Always see the humorous side of finances and circumstances.
  5. Graciously Help when you can and Graciously accept help when needed.
  6. Life in the military can lead to a decent retirement with great health benefits later.
  7. Behind every great man, lies a great woman.
  8. It is okay to truly enjoy the pleasures of what life has to offer.
  9. Networking brings large results.
  10. A penny in your pocket is worth more than a hole in your pocket.
  11. Talk openly about the positive things going on in your life, keep quiet about the negatives, like attracts like.
  12. Be positive, Be happy, Laugh , laugh, laugh truly the best remedy and medicine for all.
  13. Plan in advance and let others know about your plans long before your death so no one is left in confusion or sorting out a mess.
  14. It does not ever matter what others think of your lifestyle or plans, they are not you.

I thought in honor of Fathers Day, I would make a post of some of the important things I have learned from my Amazing Dad. He is a very social person, with big heart and huge sense of humor that is contagious. I am my fathers daughter and have gotten many things from him over my life and in many ways am like him. Yes I was a Daddy's girl and while I did get many things from my mother, it is just as important to acknowledge some things I got from my Father.

I love you Dad, Happy Fathers Day to You and Happy Fathers Day to all you other Amazing Dads as well!