Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Ready for the Highschool years!

With July here, my thoughts and conversations with my son have been revolving around the fact he will be entering his High school years in the fall! This does make me somewhat nervous yet excited at the same time. It is like walking the plank into the great unknown, and wondering how we should approach High School Years.

I have been reading "Setting the Record's Straight"

I think this is one of those MUST books for homeschooling parents approaching High School years in order to be prepared if the child decides they want to go to college. It discusses how to make highschool transcripts, grading and course descriptions no matter the method you use to homeschool, including child-focused delight driven learners.

Lots of great info in this book for making your own transcripts!

At any rate, I am actually excited , I will have an upper middle school child as well as a freshman highschooler this year! Dang and these are my 2 youngest out of 4, my other two are 26 and 25 already! Time goes too fast!

I always get excited mid-summer however with what a new year will bring us, while I am having summer fun, kicking back, spending time in the garden and hiking in nature, fishing, camping and all that jazz, my inner thoughts always start on thinking of a new school year coming up and what we may be able to do to make it a great year!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer fun!