Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grocery List July #3 = $65


2 lbs margerine
1 gallon 2% milk
1 doz medium eggs

Fresh Produce

10 lb bag white potatos
4 lb bag oranges
Bag of Green Apples
2# of black cherries

3# bag of yellow onions


Vegetable Oil
Worshire sauce
Ranch Dressing
Miracle Whip
5# bag Sugar


Large Old Fashioned Oats


roll of liverwurst
2 pkg of 4 each of Porkchops


bag of Sweet Potato Fries


2 loaves white bread


Sanitary Pads
12 double roll pkg toilet paper ($4.96)

Now I did spend $30 throughout the month on other things I needed as it came up such as more milk, eggs, bread and I think even an extra package of hot dogs.

This brings the monthly total to : $233        WOW HAPPY with that number!

The next few days anything purchased will have to be with returnable cans so I don't expect that to go over another $5  when you only average 50 cents a day in finding cans :)

So even with $5 added that would be $238 down from $265 from last month!  NOT BAD!