Monday, July 2, 2012

July Goals

Well it is the start of another month! ( yeah about 3 months to go before chickens start laying eggs!)

So as promised I came up with a few Goals for July, maybe not all that ambitous with the sweltering heat wave going on (they say will continue for all of July!) but in any case a few small worthy goals are better then none!  With this being primarily a blog about our finances, I will only share my financial goals here!

July Financial Goals!

Go Stoveless- yup challenging myself to go a whole month without using my stove/oven the entire month!

Pay utilities up to date = ( we are behind on our phone bill and need to catch it up this month)

Pay the extra needed to get a propane delivery for propane heat ( need to come up with $300

Spend $80 this month for groceries ( not sure if I can do this or not but will be a FUN challenge!)

Purchase one Christmas gift

Earn an extra $200 this month

Save $50  (after doing the July budget, unless I make extra money this month this will not be possible but worth trying for!)

What are some of your goals for July?