Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ummmm 40 lbs of Bananas? Say What?

It was grocery shopping day here at my home today, a good way to release the left over nerves of last nights violent,  dangerous lightening, high winds, damaging hail (but much needed rains!) that when you are in a trailer is nothing short of SCARY! When you have record high temps that are lasting forever and creating droughts, the storms that do come are always violent. The scene in Machine Gun preacher ran through my head as the trailer was plummeted with hail and shaking so hard you just knew you were gonna blow over. In the scene they are in a trailer (Machine Gun Preacher) and a tornado hits, the big dude smashes a hole in the floor and quickly assists his wife and daughter into the hole just as the tornado hits and the only thing he can do is throw his body over the top of the hole to protect his family. I feel so vulnerable in a trailer when severe weather hits!

At any rate we made it safely through and went to Walmarts today.  Now my goal was to only spend $80 this month which I was real doubtful I could do but up for the challenge. Bananas put me over the top!

Here's how...... We make our way carefully selecting items to stay within budget and finally get most way through the store, in the bread section where I see crates and crates of slightly over ripe bananas sitting there! I "forced" okay suggested in a way he had no choice to find the man in charge and find out what was up with the bananas!

To find out they did not sell as much as they had hoped ( who would buy a bunch at 59 cents a friggin pound?) so they went ripe faster than they had hoped and put all new fresh ones out. HOW MUCH? we asked hoping if they were throwing them out we would get them for free.....not exactly BUT they offered them to us a 25 cents a pound! That NEVER gets that low here so we took a whole crate which is 40 pounds of bananas for 10 bucks WOO HOO SCORE BABY!

Then I looked in the cart and laughed as the kids were screaming in TOTAL DELIGHT about all the banana bread that meant and said........hmmmmmmm that 5 pound bag of flour is NOT gonna cut it! So off I sent my adult son to put the 5lb bag of flour back and bring me a large 25# bag! Which upped my price again!  I KNOW I KNOW but I could NOT RESIST THE PRICE!

My total for groceries today (including toilet paper and pectin for more jam making) was $103 so even though I did not hit my $80 goal, I am pleased. I also know I did forget a few things but if can keep groceries at around $150 this month for 6 people? I WILL DO A VERY HAPPY DANCE!

I will post my grocery list later of course!

So my question to you.....ideas of what to do with 40 lbs of bananas?  

Ours include smoothies, custard, banana rice pudding, bread, cake and muffins and dehydrating..........I am even thinking of cream puffs with a custard banana filling.

I would love some fresh ideas though!