Friday, July 6, 2012

Poor at 44

HAHA could not resist the title as a nice little jingle..............I heard it's my Birthday, gonna have a good time! LOL.

If you would of asked my younger self if I ever would envision myself as Poor at 44 the answer would of ben a resounding NO! My younger self had a MUCH GRANDER vision of where I would be in my mid 40's. But then again, my real younger self had envisioned myself dead by 50! Sad but true!

But in reality, where I am at now, while I work to improve it, is not really a bad thing.......for when you are frugal are you truly poor just because that is what statistics show? When you are very frugal, you simply need LESS MONEY.

Oh sure according to the government, we are in severe poverty and when you add all the other things in above and beyond income, such as our small square foot living space, no air conditioning and such, we actually are in the BOTTOM 4% of severe poverty! NOW THAT IS FUNNY !

But truth be told, I have an amazing husband and children, I live in joy almost every minute of each day always being true to myself and true to my nature of who I am at the very core of self. I am connected with nature and spend as much time in it as I can and we are not found in any way to be WANTON!

In many ways, while this is not what I envisioned life would be for me at 44, it has turned out way better than anything I could have ever imagined!

Okay, I am off to go enjoy my Birthday now on the HOTTEST day of this week so far where it will reach 100 outside but then add another 20  degrees easily to the inside of a trailer with no air conditioning and no shade trees while I heat up the stove to make me a banana cake with chocolate frosting and homemade pizza with banana peppers from the garden!