Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Financial Freedom and Independance

Today was another day of staying home in blazing temps where I started chili in the slowcooker first thing in the morning......what possessed me to do chili in such temps is beyond me but I wanted chili and cornbread! (with all the bananas and baking, the going stoveless is epic fail)

I picked a bunch of greens in the garden and then blanched them for the freezer.

I made a nice batch of Strawberry Freezer Jam ( 3 tubs full)

I made a chicken/tomato/pasta dish for tomorrow that will be cold.

I made 3 large loaves of banana bread

There will be no fireworks unless we can see them from the house and with as burned up as our yard is, I would not even think of lighting any off ourselves this year. Hopefully the neighbors do not go too long into the night like that did last year.......hubby has to be up by 4am for work!

The whole time I thought about Freedom and is good to be an American!

But what exactly does these things mean to me? Are we free when we are slaves to the dollar in a vicous cycle of HAVING to work in order to purchase things? Even true needs require money which in turn we need to work for and this can keep us trapped, enslaved. Total and extreme self-reliance could solve that however........maybe.

I use to say I wanted financial Independance......meaning I wanted to be secure and have enough to not have to worry all the time. But thinking about that, true financial independance to me would be living Independantly WITHOUT money or the need for much of it at all anyway.

So what does freedom and indpendance really mean for me?

The ability to live independantly providing my basic needs for myself  independant from government, employers or corporations.

Total if even extreme self-reliance, building, growing, finding........wilderness is an abundant thing.

TIME- freedom from the ties of employment, freedom for me and my husband to do the things we love to do, to volunteer, to relax, to forage, to dance, to help others....... FREEDOM of the clock, Freedom from the MAN.

Freedom from clutter and too much stuff ( Looking into a minimalst lifestyle? Perhaps......verdict still out)

Indpendant from the need of plastic, banks, stores,  everything that burdens you with the ties of time=work.

I am not saying this from a lazy view point, after all self reliance is a lot of work!

Sometimes though I get tired, and freedom and indpendance in their true sense of the word sounds so simple, so beautiful, so FREE.

SIGH..... sounds so good!

But then again, maybe it is just all this extreme heat talking.......    :)