Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Face Behind The Blog

Typically I hate how I look in any photo, which is why I do not usually have a profile picture. I am not very photogenic! But I thought you may want to get to know the face behind this blog so thought it due time to show you who I am and tell you a little about myself!
This photo was taken yesterday!

I am 44, started going gray at 25 apparently like my name sake, my great grandmother on my Dad's side.

I had my first child at 17 when I thought I was madly in love .

While pregnant with first child I dropped out of High School.

My first child was 2 1/2 months premature and yes I felt everything during the emergency C-section, one of the scariest days of my life.

I married at 18, the father of my first child.

At 19 I had my second child and went back to school, earning my GED along with my Diploma ( my GED simply sped up the time frame to earn my diploma giving me needed credits)

At this time I became engrossed in finances and taxes........it was a hobby  and has been ever since!

I stayed married unfortunately to my first husband who was not a good husband for 9 years.

There is a 12 year gap between my first child and my 3rd, and a 15 year gap between my first child and my last child.

My last child is the only child I carried to full term, my body does not like baking babies for 9 months! With my last child and my history, it was strongly urged that my tubes get tied before me and the baby dies as we lived in an area not equipped to handle my history with pregnancies.....we listened and stopped at our fourth child.

I have been married to my present wonderful husband and best friend for 13 years now!

While mostly a Stay at Home mom I have worked a variety of jobs throughout the years.

I have been a waitress, nurse aid, stable hand in a horse barn, chore worker for home bound, housekeeper, general laborer on concrete crew, candle maker, tarot reader, prep-cook, day care provider and writer.

I homeschool our 2 youngest, the older 2 went to public schools.

My grandmother was a mother to 10 children and she was my first teacher of frugality, my mother my second teacher as she did many frugal things as well.

My mother was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease the year after I was born in a time nothing was known about the disease and she almost died a few times throughout my childhood. I have no memories of her being healthy. One of the main reasons it is very important to spend as much time with my children as possible.

I was the youngest out of 4 children and turned out to be the wild child in my teen years......yup I was a rebel.

In my mid-twenties I decided after years of making mistake after mistake, I wanted to turn my life around and be a good role model to my children.

I worked extremely hard at turning my life around to one I could be proud of and now am a completely different person than I was way back then.

I am a huge believer in learning all the time, even though I never went to college or back to any form of schooling, I have never stopped learning. I soak up new things all the time and almost always have a book for learning and growth that I am reading at the moment. Self-education can go a long ways in learning new skills and new thoughts.

I love nature and the outdoors, gardening, writing, cooking, wilderness survival, wildlife, animals, children, researching, camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, adventuring,traveling, finances, and a whole lot more........many many many interests!

I think that about does it, have a question you would like to ask me? Leave it in the comments below! It has been a pleasure letting you get to know me better!

Oh and don't worry, I was not mad in the photo, I just have a naturally deep frown line that makes everyone think I am mad all the time! LOL