Monday, July 16, 2012

What this week will bring

This week should be a tad interesting so this is what I will have coming up to look forward to.

100 and then some heat 

Checked propane level last night.....sitting on 0% which means more likely a whole week with cold water until we can call for the fill up on the 23rd. Glad it is summer! Most likely will heat it up in the hot sun for bathing this week, not too big of a deal just minor irritation.

Hubby has been getting overtime......that looks like it will continue through the week!

Our 13th anniversary will be on the 19th........need to figure out a free and fun day!

Horn worms have started in garden so lots of checking and debugging this week. Also other types of bugs starting so hubby will bring home a spray bottle that I can put some dishsoap and water in to spray plants.

Little patch still left to weed in garden, then hoe and re-plant as the mustard greens are done.

Need to figure out if I will splurge and pay for American School Curriculum for son going into high school years this year or continue with creating own curriculum and transcripts. One costs money and would simplify my life by loads and one is free but very time consuming yet is tailored to my son!

The garden should produce a very nice wide variety this week for menu planning!

Been reading a couple of library books about reducing clutter and simplifying your life.......been really contemplating a minimalist lifestyle, what that would mean for me and how I would want to go about perhaps a whole lot of cleaning and removal this week!

Healing should finally get completed this week from my nasty sunburn from last week........looking forward to that!

I think that about covers my coming up week......hows yours look?