Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What to do with 1 can of soup!

Looking in my cupboards yesterday morning, I saw 1 can of chicken rice soup........1 can obviously is NOT enough to feed a family of 6......I had no boullion cubes or stock so decided to make a large slow cooker pot of soup

Here is what I did......

I took the 1 can of chicken rice soup and put it in the slow cooker and put 7 cans of water in it instead of the usual 1 can.

To this I added

1 large onion chopped
1 large Kolahbri chopped, the bulb and tops
2 large green tomatos chopped
1/4 box of jumbo pasta shells that were in our cupboards
1/2 cup white rice that was in our cupboards
1 tsp. flower pepper for seasoning
2 tsp. salt

and let it cook in the slow cooker on low all day from about 10am  to 5pm.

Suprisingly it was pretty good, a little too peppery for me but not for the hot and spicy lovers in our house. Went  really good with a slice of homemade bread!