Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Worry Depletes Otherwise Useful Energy

Worry takes a lot of energy in waves of powerful emotions, energy that in most cases would be best used in productive encounters.

Yet we worry.

Not only do we worry, we worry A LOT!

In most cases it is un-needed stress in our daily lives.

It causes Dis-EASE.

Panic Attacks.



Series of Bad Luck ( or so it can seem when one lives in such darkness)

It leaves us Spent.




If you desire change, Worry must then be released, let go of.

Worry does no good, in fact it does the complete opposite and brings nothing but headaches down upon us.

When we put all our emotions and energy into worry whether it is about how to pay the bills, the weird noise our car started making yesterday, the endless notes of what we see are "needs" on our lists of purchases or the million other things in a day we can worry about when we let our imagination roam, it virtually takes us away from the solutions.

Most times the worry is unfounded, we simply worried for nothing not trusting that our needs are always provided for.

Sure inconveniences come up, things come up that ruin plans we laid out, things break down, the unexpected happens.

Learn to view the humerus side of ANY situation and laugh, crack jokes about your series of unfortunate events. Laugh until your sides hurt. Believe it or not, laughter can lead to faster solutions as depression typically focuses on all the problems, all the nitty gritty negatives of life.

Unto every story is two sides.

Always try to seek the positive sides of your story, it will be a more exciting and joyful journey.

Worry will not change the Outcome of what is occurring.

Worry will not change the fact you have only $4 in your purse that has to last 7 days.

Worry will not fill of the propane tank when it is sitting on empty or fill your cupboards with food.

It WILL slow down your thought processes though.

It will cloud your vision.

It will prevent you from seeing the light at the end of the table and effectively problem solving.

While worry perhaps can not change the outcome of your finances, a positive mind and a keep on trying attitude perhaps WILL change the outcome, someday.....the more you try the more the odds are in our favor. It is all a matter of probability.