Monday, August 20, 2012

50# of Oats

We went to Family Farm and Home store the other day and picked up a 50# bag of rolled oats for $19 as even from a feed store, rolled oats are the same rolled oats you buy at Walmart's to eat.  Since I am not that  close to a Sam's Club or Aldi's I figured my next best option to purchase oats in bulk would be at the farm center store.

What this does for us is saves us around $30 of the same amount of old fashioned rolled oats from Walmar'ts and brings the per serving price of .10 cents down to 2.5 cents a serving! Not to mention how long a 50# bag of rolled oats will last us! A great bulk purchase that I was happy to be able to do as we use a lot of oats here.

If we are not having oatmeal for breakfast, I am making pancakes, muffins or breads with them and getting them at a much cheaper cost, this will bring the cost of everything I make with oats, down. A win win situation.

I have read before about getting rolled oats at feed stores among some other things but to be honest just never really think about it. When we went to get the corn for our chickens the other day, it was my adult daughter who reminded me I wanted to check out the prices of their rolled oats.

So it was nice to be able to purchase such a grand quantity of oats at a really decent price and know I saved $30 for a years worth of rolled oats!

Do you purchase rolled oats in bulk? Where do you get them from?