Friday, August 24, 2012

Changing Car Insurance At Light Speed!

Hubby went to pay car insurance the other day, which with Michigan charging more than any other state is already a sore spot with me. Not sure why ( No Fault Insurance perhaps?) But we were in for quite a surprise when they told him they were changing companies and that our $103 a month for PLPD coverage would now be $230 a month and oh by the way another $400 and something to renew the policy!

SAY WHAT? For BASIC CRAP Insurance? WE DON'T THINK SO! "Yeah that is what everyone else is saying too!" was there think? Are you trying to go out of business for good?

Needless to say we RAN as fast as we could to another company. One bad thing about small towns is we do not have too many options but at least we DID have an option and got our new policy with another company that will be around $95 a month.

Now this new company does have a few quirks I did not like such as they told us because my adult daughter does have a drivers license and lives with us that she HAD to be on the policy hiking up the cost........she does NOT drive EVER but that does not matter..........funny no other company ever made us put her on as far as I am concerned she can get her own stupid car and pay her own policy if she so desires! So fine, instead of $75 we have to pay $95 a month.

The next issue is just plain STOOPID! ( yeah spelt that way intentionally!)

We could pay the $95 in cash that moment BUT the next month HAS to be taken automatically from our bank account or we get penalized by having to pay several months in advance IF WE want to pay in CASH.

What that does not make any sense if we can pay in cash today but will get penalized next month if we pay in cash and ONLY by automatic deductions from our bank we can pay a month to month basis? What is the logic in that?

I swear I look forward to the day when we decide to go without a car and therefore have no need for insurance!

Stupid and a rip off is all it is! Why is it in North Carolina we only paid $30? It is not like Michigan has superior roads or anything........we also boast the nations worst roads........or is THAT why we pay more in insurance? Because of crappy roads? LOL Go Figure!

Well guess I will just have to count my blessings that we will NOT be paying $230! What a load of crap that was!