Friday, August 31, 2012

A New School Year Upon us Again!

Yeah, learning happens all the time even in the summer, but I always get excited at the start of a new school year! YEAH! 

When we Start........Tuesday September 4th!

Grades will be our daughter in 6th and our son in 9th! It seems to get more fun the older they get!

A few things we will be doing for September?

We will be using weekly checklists to accomplish academic goals.

Activities for the month of September will include but not be limited too......

Blind Food Tasting competitions

Famous Historical Role Playing  1x a week

The Colony ( for September is National Preparedness month! The background of the state of emergency will be an Alien invasion!)

Jeopardy night

Cooking School

The grocery game

Learning Lecture Sharing Council ( where each shares things they have been independently learning)

We have more ideas in the workings as well but these will be the fun highlights for the month of September and I am excited to start another year, another chapter and lots of new fun activities along the way with you all!