Friday, October 19, 2012


What goes up, must come down. What goes down, must come up.

When at the bottom, there is only one way to go...........UP!

Financial cycles seem no different, at least in our home and this last year has been no secret that it has been tight. We have been on the broken bottom rung dangling dangerously to the absolute bottom yet seem to always somehow get through it.

Hubby is up for a raise which is a good thing, however he has to go through  a 6 week training which is stuff he knows but is a formality. The raise would be implemented at the END of the 6 weeks. The downfall of this is that training occurs in another town that would mean a round trip of 50 miles a day.

That is 50 miles a day in a truck that only gets 12 miles to the gallon, right now we do 10 a day for work and being only 5 miles from town costs us $200 a month in gas! So 50 miles a day is going to hit us really hard and is making me a little stressed out. The end result is a good thing, but the getting us  there is going to dangle us just a little closer to where our toes can practically scrape the bottom. Take a big breath, we will manage and everything will work out!

I know we can do it and we are doing it for a $1.40 an hour raise. I know that does not sound like much but after minimum wage for so long that raise will have huge impacts for the better and give us some breathing room.

At the same time, by the time the raise comes into the picture, we will be making our last truck payment ( last payment EVER and then strict a cash only lifestyle forever and ever and ever yeah!)

The last payment means we will have freed up an additional $180 a month  along with getting a raise giving us some breathing room of an additional $400 a month! I can not wait, this is very exciting for me.

So that's where things are, we have to allow ourselves to slip just a little bit further on the last broken rung of the ladder, in order to finally after a long 3 year stretch of struggling at the bottom.

It feels good........