Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Roundup :Bankruptcy Editon

Hello, and welcome to another weekend round up Bankruptcy edition where the first link just may surprise you all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying their families and some good ole fashion R & R!   Here as a a shocker, or perhaps not  is the Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad , Robert Kiosaki filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy! Oh my...............

At you can read about how Chicago is Broke there No More Money for Teachers

At you may really want to read  Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions

Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy Special Considerations over at the BK blog is a very informative article as there is an increasing number of senior citizens on fixed incomes considering bankruptcy due to high credit card debts.

Over at Start Fresh Today Bankruptcy blog, you may want to read  Do it yourself bankruptcy-Good Idea?

Okay folks that may be a short list but it is a nice Saturday and I am fighting a Migraine coming on so off to relax for a spell.........enjoy the links and the weekend!

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