Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Prayer Vigil

The mother of my grandchildren contacted me this morning. My grandchildren are 6 and 5 and she has another child of 2 years old with her husband that she married after things did not work out with my son.

Adam, her husband comes from England, they met online at around 10 years old and talked frequently for the next 10 years. After  things did not work out with me son, they started dating and Adam would make several flights from England in order to see her.

Marraige was delayed due to after 911 making citizenship a difficult task. While they waited to get married they had a child between them and finally after much red tape and delays were able to get married last year.

They are both young 20's and she contacted me this  morning as Adam is on life support after a blood clot and heart attack they said are one of those freak things that is not suppose to happen in young people. She says he is around 98% gone mentally so is not sounding good for a recovery.

Please keep her and her family in your prayers.........

And for those afraid to follow your dreams............please put your fears aside and do them......this is a horrible reminder that NOBODY knows when there time is up so make sure you are making each and every day count. It matters.