Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Roundup: Life Without a Fridge Edition!

Since one of my goals is to give up using a Fridge to reduce our carbon footprint I thought it would be good timing to do a weekend roundup on this concept.

While Americans may find this idea hard to conceive, when you look at the larger picture Ameicans are pretty spoiled with having refridgeration! Living without one, while hard in the beginning to give up old habits, it CAN be done. Not only that but eating and drinking room temperature beverages is actually better for our bodies!

So here we go, hope you enjoy and gain some insights to this idea!   This is a great article on exactly how to live without a fridge at Go Self Sufficient!

Little Blog in the Bigs Woods is a FAMILY that has gone 30 years without the use of a fridge, IMPRESSIVE!

 Living without your Fridge and Beyond is the first site I came across that got me started in thinking along these lines.  an interesting approach where they do not use a fridge but rather a freezer and a cooler...... I LOVE this article and think I found a new favorite blog at the Kale Yard!

A good article on how countries without refridgeration do it and that Americans refridgerate many things that really do not have to be.

Enjoy your Weekend!

Would you consider going without a fridge or is it hard for you to even imagine?