Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Focusing on Values Will Strengthen Our Finances

For years I have read everything I could get my hands on financially, and continue to do so in the form of books and online. For years I have gone through periods of trying to apply some of the expert advice, of course making mistakes along the way as well. At any rate it always ended up failing, we never seem to get ahead, never have any savings to speak of, certainly nothing to brag about. Something always comes up to take the exact amount of savings we do manage to accumulate, even with an emergency fund in place. No matter what we always seem to hang on that bottom rung on the ladder to the point you start to wonder.... is this as good as it will ever be? Are we meant for this lifestyle forever? You beat the drum...........what am I doing wrong? what am I doing wrong?

Well recently it occurred to me, the problem is, "the expert" advice really is not written for people like me. The second reason is that times have changed and it really is time to rethink how we think things work. The third reason is I was too focused on the whole "MONEY" thing. I have said it a few times before, to me what I want more than anything is FREEDOM. But by focusing so much on MONEY, I missed my target, I have been following the wrong path for upwards of 20 years! The expert advice was not written for those living in extreme poverty or even regular poverty ( I don't care what the books say about those in poverty can save even just $5 a month........they have no clue) They are geared for those who make decent money, who overspend and can find ways to start spending responsibly in order to grow a savings.

So my site is changing as I realized where my direction needs to focus on, for me those things that I value most, will make a significant difference in our finances  without concentrating at all on the aspects of money itself. THIS is what will work for my family and how we want to live our lives and allow us to reach the goals that we seek. The areas that are important to me to live according to my desires and principles automatically will make a difference financially.

I want to focus on my health which means seeing doctors yes but also an exercise plan, eating whole foods and raw foods, meditation , quit smoking and caffeine, get off processed foods. By going unprocessed, that alone should free up money!

I want to live a more greener lifestyle by leaving as little carbon footprints as possible. To me this means giving up buying things in plastic, giving up my refrigerator.........another two items to lower expenses!

I want to go minimalist and live a simpler life..........getting rid of all unnecessary possessions will MAKE ME MONEY. Things will be easier to clean, I will have more space that is uncluttered, I will be more at peace.

Sustainability is a goal, so grow as much of our own food as possible, and get to a point we rely more and more on ourselves and not others ( government, bosses, supermarkets etc) 

DYI projects of doing as much as we can on our own, I guess this goes hand in hand with sustainability but again, the more we do  ourselves the less expensive and less dependant we are on others.

Cash Free- I want to do and see as much as I can with a Cash Free frame of further explanation needed.

But by focusing on working towards HOW I want to live, I believe is the key to what will work for my family to greatly improve our present circumstances

What do you value that would make a difference financially for you?