Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend Roundup : Savvy Savings Edition

I thought it to be a great time to do another link round up, and I like how others use a theme for these round ups and so I will start with themes.

Todays theme for the rounds up are Savvy Savings, hope you enjoy your weekend reading!

100 Great Tips for Those Just Getting Started over at the Simple Dollar , offers many great examples of areas we can save in.

51 Unusual Money Saving Tips from Readers over at Wisebread  offers a compilation of tips from, well Wisebread Readers! (warning some tips are extreme and NOT for the faint of heart LOL, meant for hardcore savings wannabes!)

Miserly Tips over at Miserly Moms is a page of tips, again from readers offering an array of different ways to save some money.

Ridiculous Money Savings Ideas I shared this one before, but think it is well worth repeating again for those who may have missed it  :)

How Much Electricity Does the Average Home Use?  over at My Frugal Miser, not a savings idea post per say but one that you can see where perhaps you compare to the average and challenge yourself to reduce it as much at possible!

Thankyou Grandma over at a wonderful blog called The Path to Frugality, is some of the tips gleaned from her Great Deppression era grandma.

Over at Frugal by Choice: Cheap by Neccessity has a wonderful DYI page Hippy Shit with all sorts of things you can make at home that could lead to a nice amount of savings.

There you have it, if you have a favorite link covering savvy savings tip this weekend please feel free to share in the comments!

Enjoy your weekend!