Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Off to a Good Start

Yeah it is already going so much better than September did! For one I have been feeling really good this week which always helps!

We started Netflix back up and now that high speed has finally come to our tiny rural area, that means we could get Netflix in the form of unlimited streaming! This opens up tons for the kiddos as we do not have cable.  From nature documentaries to the Deadliest Warriors to, well pretty much anything! Combine that with Youtube and it really brings a whole lot of world to them, they always find facinating things I would never think about!

We have been having in depth conversations about the foods we eat, processed foods versus natural real foods and our goal for October to buy only unprocessed foods. My daughter is not happy that this means NO RAMEN!

They have been strengthening their math skills with worksheets ( that they enjoy and  love doing!)

I also did a reading assessment this week for them both out of curiosity.

Our 6th grade daugher ( whom some may recall has dyslexia and really struggles with reading) has made huge progress over the summer months and is at a 4rth grade level of reading. Considering she was only at a 1rst grade level last year, this is tremendous progress and she is coming along great. While we do many activities to help,she is never forced or pressured and it has been great being able to let her move along at her own pace.

Our 9th grade son who was our child who went from not being able to read at all to waking up one day at 8 years old being able to read anything and everything, tested out at the 11th grade 6th month mark.

Both are where they should be for their own unique paths that is right for them to be at , no race needed :)

So yeah, it has been a great start to October and shall continue being so...........

How is your school year going so far?